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B-Care Oral Care is an innovative approach to oral care for intubated hospital patients. Featuring an atraumatic toothbrush with wide soft bristles and integrated delivery of oral disinfectant or moisturising solution, B-care Oral Care simplifies nurse work to ensure a thorough cleaning and hydration of the oral cavity, to prevent infections and send patients home with healthy teeth and gums.


The need

Dental plaque biofilm can cause gingivitis and oral tissue bleeding.

Oral biofilm is a significant risk factor for hospital acquired infections (HAI).

Common brushes may cause bleeding of patient sensitive gums.

During prolonged hospitalization, nursing staff are required to carry out a strict oral hygiene regime of brushing teeth and moisturizing inside the oral cavity. 

lf oral care is not carried out effectively, the patient's general health may be impacted, even after they are released from hospital. 

Laura L Feider, et at., Oral care practices for orally intubated critically ill adults, The American Journal of Critical Care AJCC, 2010

The need

The challenge

Common oral care protocols are difficult to implement and comply with.

Common toothbrushes cause gum bleeding.

lt is difficult to access and manipulate common brushes within the mouth of intubated patients. 

Most of the commonly provided disinfection fluids get wasted - oral disinfection and moisturizing fluids do not transfer well from external containers onto the brush and tend to drip down, meaning that less than the required amount is actually applied to the patient's mouth. 

The challenge

The solution



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Unique 360 degrees atraumatic brush.

Soft wide bristles - lower bleeding of gums.

Flexible loading of disinfection fluids from any source into pipette.


Simple one package per shift.


Compact and flexible kit. 

The solution

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