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HyperForm Cuff Platform

Next generation of ventilation tube cuffs, dynamic form-fit for better and more stable seal at lower inflation pressure.
Common Concern

Common concern with ventilation tubes

Pressure-induced tracheal and/or laryngeal trauma


Leak aspiration of blood and secretions


Instability of cuff inflation pressure


Inadequate airway seal for ventilation (particularly with laryngeal masks)


High PIP ventilation requires high cuff pressure


Placement difficulty and instability (particularly with laryngeal masks)


Costly need of external inflation pressure stabilization devices

Unique Features

HyperFlex Cuffs unique features

Better seal & Patient safety

Material design


Geometrical dynamic fit


Self-stabilized pressure response


Perfect seal at lower pressure


Dynamic high PIP management


Lower tissue injury


Reduce monitoring and adjustment need

Self Stabilized Pressure

Self-Stabilized Pressure

All HyperForm cuffs demonstrate the unique pressure self-stabilization performance.

Using the HyperForm cuff reduces work load and improves patient safety:

Prevent high pressure rise after initial setting

Inhibit cuff pressure fluctuations


Eliminate the need for external pressure regulating devices and monitors


Eliminate the need for repeated adjustments of cuff pressure after initial setting



The HyperForm cuff self-stabilization innovative 3rd generation cuff technology:

Hyper-elastic material properties


Dynamic form-fit


Dynamic response to ventilation pressure cycle


Self-stabilize to compensates for patient movement or anesthe sia gas filtration


Pressure stabilization test for endo-tracheal tubes (ETT) shows that leading conventional HVLP devices (Microcuff, TaperGuard) are very sensitive to small fluctuations in volume, and a minute change of 0.2cc throws the pressure away from a desired pressure setting of 25 cmH2O to over 30 cmH2O , and up to 40 cmH2O with just 0.4cc volume change. It is a main cause of high pressure tissue injurydue to patients movement change of ETT positioning. In contrast, the HyperForm ETT cuff dynamically self-adjust to maintain the cuff pressure within the desired range of 20-30 cmH2O even with volume deviations exceeding 1.2cc.

Better Seal

Better Seal

Designed for ventilation improvement and prevention of secretions leak for pressure

endotracheal (ETT, tracheostomy) and supra-glottic devices (LMA , Laryngeal-tubes).

Better cuff seal is obtained at lower pressure.


Allow for high PIP ventilation (above 30 cmH2O ) even when the cuff is set at low safe cuff pressure setting of no more than 25 cmH2O .

Comparative leak test shows that all conventional cuffs leak substantially, while the HyperFrom cuff maintained essentially zero leak. The ETT devices were placed in 19mm test tubes, with average cuff inflation pressure at 21cmH2O. Test liquid above the cuff simulates secretions, and leak is collected. 30 degrees move every 10min simulates the effect of a patient head movements.

Performance & Safety

New level of Performance & Safety

COPD Safe & Effective vebtalation

For ventilation of COPD patients, at PIP of 35 cmH2O, conventional cuff ETTs require unsafe inflation pressure greater than 30 cmH2O, while HyperForm ETT cuff seals such high PIP even when set to safe inflation pressure of 25 cmH2O.

Laryngeal Mask Airways (LMA) safer and more stable seal

Air seal quality is the first goal of all cuffed ventilation airways devices.

For laryngeal masks (LM), conventional cuffs need inflation pressures of up to 50 cmH2O to obtain adequate seal for normal ventilations, while the new HyperForm LM cuff seals at safer 25 cmH2O pressure.

Paediatric and geriatric

The HyperForm cuff lowers the risk of injury to the more sensitive tissue of both paediatric and geriatric patients.

Better fit across human variability

The HyperForm Cuff dynamic response and form-fit enable the cuff to compensate for different sized and shape of human airways. Thereby, intubation outcome is more predictable, and first attempt intubation success rate is improved.

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